Eastvale Bankruptcy Attorney

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Are you a Eastvale resident or business owner who is finding it increasingly difficult to pay debts and keep up with your monthly household expenses, mortgage or car payments? Do you have student debt that you are defaulting on or risk court sanctions for missing child support or alimony payments? If so, consult an Eastvale bankruptcy attorney at 909-400-5737 to discuss your legal options.

Eastvale bankruptcy attorneys handle consumer and business bankruptcies. In a Chapter 7, consumers and businesses can find protection from harassing creditors and stop collection activities. Eastvale debtors can discharge unsecured debt and return collateralized personal property or keep it.

If not eligible to file Chapter 7 or it is not advised, you can file Chapter 13. An Eastvale bankruptcy attorney can determine if your disposable income is enough to repay creditors over 3 or 5 years. Debtors retain all assets. Any past due payments on a mortgage, auto loan, student loan or court ordered support can be consolidated into the plan.

Chapter 11 is handled by an experienced Eastvale bankruptcy attorney. It is primarily for corporations, LLCs and partnerships seeking to reorganize and pay back creditors over time.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Eastvale consumers with heavy unsecured debt can have it canceled in a Chapter 7. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer determines your eligibility based on income criteria before filing a petition. You also must complete a debt counseling course arranged by the Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer.

After filing, you and your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will attend the 341 Meeting with the trustee who will question you about your financial affairs and other information in your petition. Your Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer will handle any issues that arise.

A discharge of unsecured debt is usually granted about 90 days after your meeting. Have a Eastvale bankruptcy lawyer explain all the requirements for filing and discharge.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

If your debt is substantial or you are otherwise ineligible for Chapter 7 or you stand to lose too many assets, talk to a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney prepares a repayment plan over 3 or 5 years designed to repay mostly secured creditors. Priority creditors are paid first such as mortgage companies or employees who are owed wages and the IRS. You can stop a foreclosure in its tracks or have time to pay off back child support and student loans.

Your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can also have certain secured debt reduced to market value within the plan. At the plan’s conclusion, any unsecured debt that is unpaid will be discharged. Have your Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney explain lien stripping regarding second mortgages if applicable. Call an Eastvale Bankruptcy Lawyer today.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 protection shields corporations, LLCs, partnerships and even small businesses and individual debtors from creditor collection activities. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney submits a disclosure statement and reorganization plan that offers a blueprint for repaying creditors and achieving solvency. Certain creditors have to confirm the plan though one can be forced on them.

With a confirmed plan, the business can continue operating. Major restructuring and other material decisions must be court approved. This can include the ability to break existing contracts and leases and enter into new ones. During the proceedings, your Eastvale bankruptcy lawyer will file progress reports for the court.

If a small business, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney can fast track it to get it through the process at an accelerated rate. Individual debtors with substantial debt and high earning capacity can take advantage of Chapter 11 as well.

An Eastvale bankruptcy lawyer can handle all of your bankruptcy needs. Call an Eastvale bankruptcy lawyer at 909-400-5737 to see if bankruptcy is the solution for your financial difficulties.

If you are a small business, your Temecula bankruptcy lawyer can fast track your petition that streamlines the process at less cost.

Before filing any bankruptcy petition, discuss it with a Temecula bankruptcy lawyer first at 951-297-7385. Temecula bankruptcy lawyers have the experience you are looking for when making decisions affecting your finances and assets.